O Hui

Ou Wai (O Hui) is a collection of traditional Korean LG Group, the beauty and emotion of modern atmosphere, "Beloved." Ou Wai (O Hui) brand name from South Korea Danqing in blue, yellow, red, white, black 5 color, 5 colors that shine with South Korea in the traditional, gorgeous light. The main components of the brand to plant materials, the authority given to products with high technology content and functionality, is the European LOH (O Hui) has been developed to follow the road. Because of its unique R & D mind, cutting-edge science and technology, excellent product quality, European LOH (O Hui) swept the entire South Korea. Now, the European LOH (O Hui) come to China, we present the plant to encounter the magic and science.

Ou Wai (O Hui) with its significant functional characteristics, with its unique natural plant extracts and modern sophisticated technology, to skin care for every stage of a targeted in-depth and enhanced, so that the full feel of high quality cosmetics, skin brings an unusual change.