Isa knox

Debon Isa Knox is a line of skin care that was manufactured by the Taiwan-based company Sunpower Nutraceutical Inc. At the time of this review, Sunpower Nutraceutical has closed its US operations and the company website no longer exists. It appears that the company might still be doing business overseas under a different name, but Debon Isa Knox products are no longer a part of the product line. However, the Debon Isa Knox line is still being sold through a number of online retailers, giving us the distinct impression that the products still have a loyal following and are at least somewhat in demand.

The original Debon Isa Knox product line included moisturizers, eye creams, serums and anti-wrinkle solutions. While it is difficult to find the full set of products on any single website currently, the anti-wrinkle products appear to still be readily available. We were able to locate a Wrinkle Decline cream, serum and brightening solution. Unfortunately, without a company website to rely on, we were unable to find information about a money back guarantee or customer testimonials to back up the claims made by these products.

Product Details

The anti-wrinkle formulas produced by Debon Isa Knox all appear to contain two key ingredients. The first is referred to as Medimim A and the second is prangendin 77%, or Angelica. While online retailers claim that these two ingredients work together to “improve both visible and subtle lines”, the rest of the information about these substances is rather vague and definitely insufficient for the savvy consumer who wants to know precisely what is in the wrinkle cream she or he uses, and what the function of each of those ingredients is.

In addition, we were unable to determine from the online retail websites what a complete ingredient list for the Debon Isa Knox products might be. This is always a concern, both in terms of assessing the effectiveness of a product and determining if a potential for an allergic reaction exists. Without this important information about the Debon Isa Knox products, we do not feel equipped to offer consumers a comprehensive review of the product.