Sooryehan is modern science's reproduction of seosiogyongsan.
Sooryehan was created by introducing ogyonseosisan,a secret formula from Dongeuibogam used by Xishi,to the skin science of oriental medicine.

Xishi is considered the most beautiful among the four major of China, and the secret of her beauty was ogyongseosisan.
Described in Dongeuibogam, Ogyongseosisan is a secret formula that gives the face a fair appearance. It consists of 14 oriental medicine substance and was named to convey that it "makes the face appear fair like jade" like the reigning beauty Xishi.

According to Dongeuibogam, ogyongseosisan helps control skin problems and is effective at preventing liver spots, blemishes and signs of aging. She is celebrated as a woman of extraordinary natural beauty with a universal appeal.

In fact, Xishi washed her face with ground mung beans in order to keep her skin fair. Sooryehan, which preserves the secret formula of Xishi, an unequaled beauty, was created to provide every woman with fair skin like that of Xishi.