About Us

Hollywood Cosmetif
979 Story Rd, Ste#7093
San Jose, CA 95122
Tel: (408) 270-9000, Cell: (408) 504-3510

What is Hollywood Cosmetif?

Hollywood Cosmetif was formed in 2008 by Tiffany N. Her vision was to bring high brand value makeup to women without the high street cost. Since then Hollywood Cosmetif has been steadily growing. Tiffany now has a team of people working for her and a warehouse based in San Jose, CA.

What do we sell?

Hollywood Cosmetif is all about quality products at the lowest prices. We sell any high brand value products. Everyday, we are trying to expand our products as we try to source new products for our customers.

How to find us

If you want to to talk us, we will contact you to arrange things further. Our team of consultants is constantly looking for new venues to distribute at, so if you know of a school fate or office block that you would like us to come to then let us know.

Also we serve special services: Facial, Skin Care Treatment, Make-Up Artists, Hair and Nails