History of Whoo Hwanyugo Cream Set


This set contains:

Hwanyugo Cream 60 ml ($750 value)

The 15 free gifts:
Hwanyu Essence, 7ml
Hwanyu Eye Cream, 4ml
Secret Court Cream, 7ml
Jinyul Balancer, 20ml
Jinyul Lotion, 20ml
Jinyul Eye Cream, 4ml
Jinyul Essence, 10ml
Hwa Hyun Essence, 8ml
Hwa Hyun Lotion, 20ml
Hwa Hyun Balancer, 25ml
Ja Saeng Essence, 8ml
Hwa Hyun Cream, 10ml
Hwa Hyun eye Cream, 5ml

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  • Manufactured by: History of Whoo