O HUI The First V Selection Day and Night Cream


A 500% concentrate of human growth hormone, state of art PTD liposome technology for delivery and deep penetration of active ingredients where they're needed most, usnea longissima gorwon on pine tree sap, lotus flower seeds that sprout even after 20,000 years, cold orchid native to Jeju Island and spoon leaf orchid-a blend of rare and mysterious elements plucked from nature offers, pure and lavish elegance to the skin.

Skin needs to efficiently discharge energy during the day. O HUI The first V Selection Day helps the skin breathe comfortably with its light feels.

45 ml

Directions: Apply gently to the entire face in outward direction as if drawing a letter "C". Press lightly with both palms to finish.


The skin needs to rest and revitalize to restore its natural rhythm at night. O HUI The First V Selection Night fully nourishes the skin like a deep breath.

45 ml

Directions: Apply in an outward direction from the nose, as if drawing a letter " V". Rub three times to soften enriched cream for easier absorption. Press somewhat more firmly at the beginning and end for better effects.

2x 10 ml + 2 FREE Travel size

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  • Manufactured by: O Hui